Geert Broene

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Hand-drawn map of Hocklenkamp, where Gesina Broene was born in 1862.

A portion of General Major von Le Coq‘s Grafschaft Bentheim map (1805) depicting the settlement of Höcklenkamp. Geert Broene was born here in in 1838.

Geert Broene was born 16 September 1838 in Hocklenkamp, Grafschaft Bentheim, the eldest of six children of Harm Hendrik Broene and Kunnegien Nyboer. He was named after his paternal grandfather, an Oefenaar or lay preacher. In 1865 Geert emigrated from Grafschaft Bentheim to Graafschap, Michigan, along with his father, stepmother Jennechien Dyke, four siblings, four step–siblings, and his fianceé, Andina Harmsen.

Geert Broene Family

Geert Broene married Andina Harmsen (8 February 1840–21 June 1922) on 22 March 1866 in the Graafschap Christian Reformed Church. They had nine children, six surviving into adulthood:

  1. Harm Hendrik—born 8 January 1867, died 20 June 1886;
  2. John Geert (George)—born 23 May 1868, died 14 March 1948;
  3. Cornelius—born 23 May 1870, died 9 December 1941;
  4. Gerrit—born 13 November 1872, died 9 October 1953;
  5. Johannes—born 17 August 1875, died 5 April 1967;
  6. Alyda—born 10 August 1877, died 4 May 1927
  7. Andina—born 17 July 1879, died 7 January 1881
  8. Dirk (Richard)—born 4 April 1881, died 8 July 1965
  9. Geert Egbert—born 16 June 1883, died 21 February 1884
Photo of Geert Broene and Andina Harmsen's family.

The Geert Broene family. Back row: Cornelius, John Geert, Dirk, and Gerrit. Front row: Geert, Alyda, Andina Harmsen Broene, and Johannes.


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First graduating class of Calvin seminary, including Geert Broene

The first graduating class of Calvin Seminary. Geert Broene is the second from the left in the back row.

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