Descendant Stories

1800s drawing of river farm

This section collects original writings by Grafschafters and Bentheimers. Generally speaking, “Grafschafter” means someone from Grafschaft Bentheim who never emigrated. “Bentheimer” refers to an emigrant or one of his/her descendants. We seek to preserve their experiences  in their own words—their voices and views. Here you’ll find letters, humorous stories, memoirs, and other writings that might otherwise be lost to history.

Photo of a sandstone baptismal font engraved with a pattern on top and with four faces at each corner of the base.

Emlichheim Baptismal Font

The Emlichheim Baptismal Font (Taufstein) Share on print Print Auf Deutsch lesen With its distinct square foot, round style, and the basin, the Emlichheim baptismal font is an example of the later style of Romanesque baptismal fonts. The sandstone quarries at Bentheim and Gildehaus produced these fonts between ca. 1170 and 1300. Sunday morning, as

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