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1800s drawing of river farm
Photo of a sandstone baptismal font engraved with a pattern on top and with four faces at each corner of the base.

Emlichheim Baptismal Font

The Emlichheim Baptismal Font (Taufstein) Sunday morning, as Pastor Tim spoke of his experiences with various new baptismal fonts, I was reminded of another baptismal font, one which figures into my early family history. I would like to share the story of that font with you. This font, or taufstein, stands in the Reformed Church

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Photo of book Aus der Grafschaft cover with a church on a green background

Aus der Grafschaft Book

The “Aus der Grafschaft Bentheim” Book is Now Available UPDATE March 25, 2021: This book is provided here only as an historical reference. Since its publication, the number of Bentheimer immigrants has increased greatly. The accuracy of the immigrants’ vital data has been double–checked and errors corrected. You can find the latest information on our

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Die Grafschafter Reisegruppe mit The American Horse Skulptur..

Tour group from Grafschaft Bentheim 2019

From June 21 to July 8, a tour group from Grafschaft Bentheim visited a number of historically and culturally important places in North America—and enjoyed some fine summer weather while here. Herbert Klinge and Hilde Legtenborg planned this trip extensively for more than a year. Since we planned and booked everything…

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