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General Resources

WieWasWie—”Who Was Who” is owned by the CBG Center for Family History in The Hague, Netherlands. They are “the national center for knowledge, documentation and publicity for genealogy and heraldry.” Many Dutch archives participate in this website. WieWasWie is accessible in English and Dutch; the link takes you to the English site.

Heemnoabers 99—A consortium of local historical societies from the Lower County and Drenthe, Twente, and Salland in the Netherlands. Heemnoabers 99 promotes knowledge of the border area’s history, encourages preserving archaeological objects, carries out historical research, and promotes the dialect. It also supports organizing exhibitions, including cross–border exhibits.

Local Historical Societies

Heemkunde Denekamp—Seeking to connect daily life with the past, Local History Denekamp focuses on learning about language, culture, and nature and sharing this knowledge. They have workgroups on archaeology, dialect and folklore, and history and genealogy, among others. Their website features an extensive photo album.

Museum Gramsbergen—The Historical Cultural Experience Center’s website focuses on the culture and history of the Dutch and German Vechtdal (Vechte Valley), including the Battle of Ane on 28 July, 1227.

Historische Vereniging Hardenberg

Stedelijk Museum Coevorden

Stichting “De Spiker”


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