Aleida Hendriksen

By Bentheimers International Society

Hand-drawn map of Itterbeck, where Albert Walkotte was born in 1873

A portion of General Major von Le Coq‘s Grafschaft Bentheim map (1805) depicting Itterbeck. Aleida Hendriksen was born here in in 1859.

Aleida Hendriksen (Hindriksen) was born on November 7, 1859 in Itterbeck, the fourth of five children of Jan Hendrik Hindriksen and Gese Tellen. On November 28, 1882, she married Jan Egbert Olthof in Uelsen. He was the son of Frederik Egbering and Swenne Olthof of Hardingen.

Their son Frederik was born on March 31, 1883 in Striepe and baptized on July 22, 1883 in Uelsen.

In April 1884, when son Frederik was around one year old, Aleida and her young family emigrated to the United States on board the S.S. Amsterdam. She died on board and was buried at sea on April 24. One day later, the ship docked in New York. Apparently, Frederik died at sea as well, as there are no records of his arrival in New York.

Aleida’s widowed husband eventually settled in Michigan in 1889 and re-married while living in Allendale. Jan Egbert Olthof died on January 9, 1938.

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