Emigrants List Map: Last Place of Residence


You will find the last known places of residence for emigrants from Grafschaft Bentheim, Germany on the map below. Place names are given in blue and green, with dots showing their location.

Why the Different Colors? They make it easier to match a town name with its dot. For example, there is a large cluster of place names in the Veldhausen/Neuenhaus area; it would be hard to match the names and dots if they were all the same color.

Coming Changes. Names of parishes will soon be changed to a third color. This will be done to help you use the church records found at the OFB online database. Once you know the parish that your ancestors belonged to, you can find the correct parish record!

This map isn’t to scale. It might seem that a city name’s dot is placed a little too far east or west—for example, Bad Bentheim or Emlichheim. This happens because the dot’s size doesn’t match the city’s size, so we made our best guess to place the dots.

Use this map to locate your ancestors’ last places of residence on a “real” map. Many places are very difficult to find on print maps or Google Maps because they’re very small. In some cases, they were absorbed by a nearby city, and you’d have to do some research to learn that (but we did it for you!).

How to make the map bigger. If you’re having problems reading the map text, here are some helpful hints:

  1. Right–click on the map (not the page) and open it in a new window/tab by selecting “Open image in new tab.” In the new window, use the magnifier tool to enlarge the map, or use the “Command–Plus” keyboard shortcut (hold down the Command key and then press the + key). You can zoom in by clicking the + key multiple times. Use Command-Minus to zoom out.
  2. Or, you can download the map and open it in your favorite image viewer, which will have its own ways to zoom in and out.
Map of Grafschaft Bentheim

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