Kasper Hendrik Broene

By Bentheimers International Society

Hand-drawn map of Hocklenkamp, where Gesina Broene was born in 1862.

A portion of General Major von Le Coq‘s Grafschaft Bentheim map (1805) depicting Höcklenkamp. Kasper Hendrik Broene was born here in 1859.

Kasper Hendrik Broene was born on March 14, 1859 in Höcklenkamp to Harm Hendrik Broene and his third wife, Jennechien Dyke. He was the first child born to his mother and the seventh born to his father. In 1865, Kasper emigrated from Grafschaft Bentheim to Graafschap, Michigan, along with his parents, five half–siblings, and three siblings. He was six years old.

The Kasper Hendrik Broene Family

On November 5, 1881, Kasper married Jantje Nykamp (called “Jane,” born on August 26, 1860), and together they had six children:

  1. Jennigje—called Jennie. Born January 26, 1883, died February 3, 1951;
  2. Wilmine—born April 28, 1885, died May 29, 1887;
  3. Aaltje—called Alice. Born April 28, 1885, died July 24, 1960;
  4. Herman—born August 7, 1887, died April 8, 1949;
  5. Wilmina—called Minnie. Born July 9, 1889, died August 8, 1945; and
  6. Gezina—born February 8, 1892, died March 29, 1892.

From Graafschap to Allendale

When his parents Harm Hendrik and Jennechien moved from Graafschap to Allendale on May 1, 1885, Kasper and Jantje came with them. They bought a farm next to his parents’ 28–acre parcel of property on the south side of Lake Michigan Drive.

Jantje died on June 24, 1928, and was buried in the Allendale Township Cemetery. Kasper died on October 3, 1943 and was laid to rest alongside his wife.

Black and white photo of Kasper Hendrik Broene and Jantje Nykamp

Kasper Hendrik Broene and Jantje (Jane) Nykamp.

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