Jan Hendrik Dyke

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Hand-drawn map of Uelsen where Frederik Veldhuis was born.

A portion of General Major von Le Coq‘s Grafschaft Bentheim map (1805) depicting the city of Uelsen. Jan Hendrik Dyke was baptized in Uelsen in 1855.

Jan Hendrik Dyke (Diek) was born on March 11, 1855 to Gerrit Hendrik Dyk and Jenne De Groot in Bauerhausen and baptized on April 9 in Uelsen. He was the youngest of the family’s seven children and emigrated in 1871.

Jan Hendrik Dyke’s Marriage and Offspring

On December 20, 1882, Jan Hendrik (called John) married Hendrikje Meyer. She was the daughter of Henry Meyer and Alice Boerman and was born in 1859. John and Hendrikje lived their married life in Holland, Michigan. They had eight children:

  1. Jantje—born January 30, 1884;
  2. Anitje—born October 6, 1885;
  3. Gerrit—born July 19, 1887;
  4. Hendrik—born October 18, 1889;
  5. Egbert—born October 23, 1891;
  6. Geesie—born September 17, 1895, died 1902;
  7. Jan—born August 3, 1897; and
  8. Johanna—born April 22, 1900.

Hendrikje Meyer Dyke died in 1901, and Jan Hendrik died on October 7, 1934. They are buried in the Allendale Township Cemetery.

black and white photo of Jan Hendrik Dyke family

Jan Hendrik’s family, taken before 1900. Back row (standing): Jantje, Gerrit, and  Anitje. Middle row (sitting): Jan Hendrik, son Hendrik, Hendrikje with Jan. Front row: Egbert and Geesie. Johanna was not yet born.

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  1. John and Hendrikje Dyke lived in Allendale, Mi. My grandfather Egbert, son of John Hendrik Dyke, was raised in Allendale on the farm.
    I just confirmed this with my mother who is the daughter of Egbert Dyke. The 1900 Census for Allendale, Mi. lists John Hendrik Dyke with wife and childern in Allendale Township, Mi. The story above has them living in Holland, Mi. This is not correct.


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