Albert Walkotte (1873)

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Hand-drawn map of Itterbeck, where Albert Walkotte was born in 1873

A portion of General Major von Le Coq‘s Grafschaft Bentheim map (1805) depicting the town of Itterbeck. Albert Walkotte was born here in in 1873.

Albert Walkotte was born on December 19, 1873 in Itterbeck and baptized on January 10, 1874 in Uelsen. He was the son of Harmen (Harm) Walkotte and Harmina De Weerd, and he had five sisters and two brothers.

Albert Walkotte’s Parents Decide to Emigrate

In 1880, his parents Harm and Harmina decided to emigrate from Grafschaft Bentheim and join their relatives  in West Michigan. When Harm became sick with pneumonia, they decided to send their four oldest children alone.

When he was seven years old, Albert Walkotte, his parents, and three siblings boarded the S.S. Pollux in Amsterdam for New York. They arrived on May 23, 1881. From there they traveled to Drenthe, Michigan to his grandmother Willemina Walkotte‘s house and were reunited with the rest of the family.

Albert’s parents bought a farm in Allendale. In 1925, Albert purchased the mill in Allendale. This mill had been built by Charles Parish in 1917. He operated it as A. Walcott and Sons until the late 1930s.

Albert Walkotte’s Family

Albert Walkotte married Sena, and together they had XXX children:

1. Alfred
2. Ada

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